UN common system pay levels. The Committee also reaffirmed the need to take a more global approach in reviewing how to restore the UN's competitiveness. ACC. Salaries are determined by comparing the net salaries paid by the United Nations with the after-tax salaries of comparable staff employed by selected employers. Positions are offered at levels P-1 (no work experience needed) to P-5 (minimum of 10 years of work experience necessary). In addition, IOM also has available. Periodic equivalency studies are made between the grades of jobs in the United Nations At non-headquarters duty stations, salary scales for General Service. The Salary Calculator allows you to estimate your salary package according to elements that directly impact your remuneration, such as grade, step and family.

PROTECTION SPECIALIST | PROJECT MANAGER | TEAM · Contract Types. The contractual reform in the UN system cut back on many different contract. International Professional (IP) staff are paid on the basis of salary scales applied worldwide, and established by the General Assembly of the United Nations on. Back to Salary scales for the General Service front page. © - United Nations Office of Human Resources - All rights reserved. Staff in the General and National Professional Officer categories are paid in accordance with local salary scales based on the best prevailing local conditions. Your position grade (P, G, D-level) and step (P-1, P-2 ). Within each of these categories, fixed salary ranges are established, which are subdivided into a. The average United Nations salary ranges from approximately $ per year for Teaching Assistant to $ per year for Head of Customer Service. UN salary scale description with explanation, UN grades, UN types of contracts, UNDP contracts. Differences between different grades, Contracts. We have the tool to sort things out. Get our career grade converter today! In a simple format we enable you to compare different career grades of different. Stay in touch by subscribing to the UN Global Talent Pool to receive email notifications for job vacancies, career events, and more! Latest Opportunities. Join. Professional and Director-level staff · General Service staff · National Professional Officers · Temporary staff · Individual consultants · Internship programme. General Service · G-1 to G-4 (entry level): One to four years of relevant professional work experience · G-5 to G-6 (mid-level): Five to six years of relevant.

Often, those in P2 positions have at least years of work experience, and those in P3 positions, between years. P4 and P5 are senior. The Professional and higher categories comprise five Professional grades (P-1 to P-5), two Director levels (D-1 and D-2), as well as the levels of Assistant. The scale is established by the General. Assembly of the United Nations on the recommendation of ICSC. A common job classification system developed by ICSC. Introduction to UN Staff Categories · P Entry-level positions requiring a minimum of two years of professional experience. · P Positions requiring at least. Number of assignments Number of years in current duty station? Number of years in UN system? Enroll in UN Staff Pension Fund? Insurance. Periodic equivalency studies are made between the grades of jobs in the United Nations system and those in At non-headquarters duty stations, salary scales. United Nations Common System ; Mid, P-4, Minimum 7 years of work experience. ; Mid, P-5, Minimum 10 years of work experience. ; Senior, D-1, Minimum 15 years of. They are expected to serve at different duty stations throughout their career with the Organization. The positions in the professional category (P1, P2, P3, P4. Periodic equivalency studies are made between the grades of jobs in the UN system and those in the comparator civil service. Is the Professional and higher.

Every three years, the Member States of the UN collectively decide on a formula – known as the Scales of Assessment – to determine how much each country. Salary scale for the Professional and higher categories: Annual gross salaries and net equivalents after application of staff assessment. Do you have at least 5 years of service in the UN Common System? Yes No ; Have you served more than 5 years in the current duty station? Yes No ; Grade: ; Step. The salaries of staff members of the United Nations common system organizations are reflected in salary scales that reflect the salaries for each grade. In most countries, there is one salary scale applicable to all duty stations in the country, which is established on the basis of the local labour market in the.

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