Cruise Ship Jobs · Teaching Abroad · Travel Blogger · Photographer · Flight Attendant · Destination Wedding Planner · Tour Guide · Peace Corps. A lot of travel agents and tour guides work as freelancers. There are multinational companies that have travel agents and tour guides on the payroll as well. High-paying travel jobs to consider · 1. Airline pilot. National average salary: $59, per year Primary duties: A airline pilot is responsible for navigating. Get Paid to Explore the World: The 10 Best Jobs for Travelers · 1. Flight Attendant · 2. Commercial Airline Pilot · 3. Geologist · 4. TEFL Teacher · 5. Cruise Ship. Travel and tourism · Airline customer service agent · Airline pilot · Airport information assistant · Cabin crew · Cruise ship steward · Diver · Heritage.

Discover how much travel environment jobs can require, explore seven different environment jobs and review three tips for preparing for these types of jobs. Jobs that Require Travel with No Experience · Hotel professional (desk worker, bellhop, concierge, etc.) · Cruise ship staff · Tour guide · Nanny or au pair · House. Best jobs for travel lovers. Working eight hours every day behind a computer screen isn't for everyone. · 1. Athletic recruiter · 2. Au pair · 3. Construction. 2. Counseling, Teaching, or Tutoring Travel Jobs · Online Teacher or Tutor This is also a type of digital nomad work and websites like, www. 6 Best Jobs for Traveling the World · Job 1: English Teacher · Job 2: Travel Writer · Featured Online Programs · Job 3: Travel Agent · Job 4: Tourism Marketing. You can choose to work in travel industry careers like flight attendants and travel agents, or you can take one of the many digital nomad jobs that allow you to. 12 examples of traveling careers · 1. Flight attendant · 2. International aid worker · 3. Travel writer · 4. Photographer · 5. Cruise line worker · 6. International. Considerations. Some overseas jobs may not be fancy titles on your resume, but with some focus and consideration, you can transfer your travel experiences into. We encourage you to explore the world around you, so we offer generous hotel and food discounts at thousands of our global properties. What a way to travel! We. Travel Jobs: The 60 Best Jobs for Travelers & How To Get Them (Secrets of a Year Nomad). Pros: This is a traveling job that doesn't require a whole lot of experience. You'll have the stability of home while getting to intimately explore a foreign.

20 Professional Traveling Jobs That Let You See The World · 1. International journalist · 2. Travel industry PR · 3. International sales · 4. The Foreign Service · 4. Explore travel-friendly positions such as healthcare transcriptionist, medical coder, or research scientist. Travel & hospitality experts, like travel agents and fraud analysts, curate memorable experiences for travelers or work behind the scenes to promote safe travel. Work for Expat Explore. Are you passionate enough about travel to make it your job? You've come to the right place! Would you like to know how we managed to. A travel agent may not seem like one of those jobs that require travel. After all, a great deal of an agent's responsibilities involve working from an office. The yachting industry is one of the most interesting in the world, and it gives you a chance to travel the world while making a pretty penny. You can get a job. But typically most engineering jobs allow you to travel to different places. Not to mention flight attendants. Translators. Diplomats. Basically. Just like working on cruise ships, you could land a job on luxury yachts. Imagine getting paid while exploring breathtaking destinations. Some of the most. Skills such as speaking a foreign language and CPR training are also highly valued by airline hiring managers. Many airlines post their job opportunities.

Space Travel Technology · Technology Living in Space There are jobs and there are careers. But at NASA Keep Exploring. Discover More Topics From NASA. Popular jobs that involve travel · 1. Cruise ship chef · 2. Train conductor · 3. Flight attendant · 4. English teacher abroad · 5. Truck driver · 6. Travel technician. The Best Jobs for people who love to travel · Teach English · Become a Home Critic · Become a Tour Guide · Flight Attendant · WWOOF · The. From chefs to hotel managers, the hospitality industry is ripe with jobs that involve traveling. If you work with a hotel chain with locations around the world. What you'd do: Colleges employ full-time scouts to discover and recruit talented high school athletes. These jobs typically involve traveling to cities across.

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