Economics Degree Careers: 6 of the Best Jobs with an Economics Degree · ​Development economist · Monitoring and evaluation specialist · Civil servant · Nonprofit. Careers and Salaries for Economists · Actuary · Lawyer · Credit Analyst · Financial Advisor · Bank Examiner · Environmental Researcher · Health Economist · Market. What can you do with a business economics degree? · 1. Human resources coordinator · 2. Operations associate · 3. Accountant · 4. Research associate · 5. Financial. What Kind of Jobs Do You Get? · Economist. Economists are responsible for collecting and analyzing data in order to research and predict trends. · Accountant or. Careers in economics · Actuary · Business reporter · Economic researcher · Economic consulting · Financial consultant · Financial controller · Financial services.

A rapidly growing area of employment for majors, especially those who have strong analytical skills in mathematics and statistics, is management consulting. Another potentially lucrative career for economics majors is that of a market research analyst. These economics experts study the market to identify trends and. What can you do with an economics degree? · Economist · Financial risk analyst · Data analyst · Financial planner · Accountant · Economic researcher · Financial. Careers Reported by Recent Economics Graduates on College/University Surveys · Account Coordinator for a public relations firm · Accountant for a university. Economics majors are known for their vast array of skills and an equally vast amount of career options. Here is a listing of industries most desired. Accountant. What you'd do: Accounting is one of the better-known jobs for economics majors. Accountants prepare and examine financial records, ensuring that. 36 entry-level jobs for economics majors · 1. Medical biller · 2. Human resources representative · 3. Bookkeeper · 4. Junior underwriter · 5. Business reporter · 6. Common roles include economists, market research analysts, and financial planners. The job market for economists is expected to grow, with various opportunities. Economists Find Employment in a Variety of Industries · The Public Sector. · Private Corporations. · Consulting Firms. · Research Firms and Think Tanks. Alumni with degrees in economics may attain positions in areas such as business management, finance, law, actuary, education, sales, administrative, and. Economics graduates are qualified to work in a wide range of roles, from economists to data analysts, financial planners to land and.

10 Best Jobs For Economics Majors Out Of College ; #2. Executive Management. Manager. New York, NY. New York, NY; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA. What careers follow after an economics degree? · Career earnings · The corporate world and the MBA · Economic consulting · The legal profession · Central banks. Job options · Actuarial analyst · Chartered accountant · Compliance officer · Data analyst · Economist · External auditor · Financial risk analyst · Investment analyst. Economic students can excel in these positions because of their background in mathematics and economic theory. And actuaries are among the best entry level. From Paper to Promise - We Write Your Career Path · 1. Economist. Economists study the production and distribution of resources, goods, and. Is economics a good career? Careers with an economics degree cover a variety of fields and are generally quite lucrative. Economists earn a median annual salary. Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs For Economics Majors (Inc Salaries) · 1. Economist · 2. Market Research Analyst · 3. Financial Analyst · 4. Actuary · 5. Business. And the list includes economics professors, lawyers, and compensation managers (BLS, ;, ). Other career paths may also open up as an. Specifically for career choices, look for Government jobs as a Budget Analyst. So if you don't initially get a job, just go for those graduate.

An economics degree can provide graduates with a wide range of job opportunities, from financial analysts to data analysts. These jobs often come with high. What can you do with an Economics degree? ; Survey Researchers, %, $1, ; Social Science Research Assistants, %, $ ; Market Research Analysts. Top 15 Jobs for Economics Majors · 1. Economist · 2. Market Research Analyst · 3. Financial Analyst · 4. Actuary · 5. Business Analyst · 6. Accountant · 7. Data. 1a. Sample Occupations · Accountant · Actuary · Insurance Claims Adjuster · Commodity Analyst/Trader · Compensation/Benefits Coordinator · Credit Analyst · Insurance. Multinational companies and large corporations often hire economy majors. In this industry, an economist's primary goal is usually to make sure the business.

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Another popular position for professionals who have completed a graduate economic program is that of a budget analyst. These types of analysts use their. The federal government is a major source of employment for economists with an undergraduate degree; information about job openings in various agencies is. In addition to careers as economists, individuals with economics degrees pursue employment as financial analysts, market researchers.

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